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Being the major interdisciplinary global water history network, being member of IWHA means being member of the growing family of interdisciplinary water scholars. IWHA brings scholars from different fields, areas and regions, involved in the history of our most precious resource, together.

IWHA members enjoy online access to IWHA’s journal Water History (see 

IWHA members enjoy benefits when registering for the biannual Water History Conferences.

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Our membership options are:

  • Membership for one year: 50 USD
  • Membership for two years: 90 USD
  • Membership for four years: 130 USD
  • Lifetime membership: 500 USD

A reduced yearly fee of 30 USD per year is available for PhD students and members who cannot afford the standard fee. Please note that applicants for both categories need to provide evidence of their status. 
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Membership of the International Water History Association includes access to the journal Water History. 

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